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More than 25 years of experience cannot be replaced.

Moreover, PR cannot be reduced to individual activities. Only the right mix of different formats and channels, personal contacts and targeted information as well as a broad spread ensures that your company is and remains in the minds of your target group.

From our portfolio of communications and related services, we define together with you the perfect PR package. Our integrated communication approach provides the right solution to every challenge.

Strategic consulting

Do you need support in business development? Is your company repositioning and you want to inform your target group about it? Do you need to protect your company image with smart crisis communication? Or, have you launched a start-up, of which your potential clients are unaware?

Based on clear market and target group analysis, we develop the right PR concepts and PR communication strategies to meet your objectives. By deploying appropriate messaging in the relevant channels, we target your clients precisely at the point of interest and ensure that your company is perfectly positioned.

You can count on ...

  1. Positioning + target group analysis
  2. Communication strategy + concepts
  3. Campaign development + messaging
  4. Business development
  5. Start-up consulting
  6. Change communications
  7. Crisis communication

Public Relations

Do you have innovative products, fantastic services, and exciting projects? Are you announcing a new product whose benefit is not immediately apparent? Or do you really believe that there is nothing to report about your company?

We track down the topics and stories of interest to your target group. We then create copy that consistently reinforces your messaging, and release it to the relevant media at the right time. In the field of PR/media relations, we can draw on a large number of close and long-standing contacts. We specialize in storytelling, corporate communication, and brand communication in the B2B area. But, we also have an extensive track record in the B2C market.

You can count on ...

  1. B2B / B2C communications
  2. Messaging
  3. Text service
  4. Storytelling
  5. Speaking opportunities
  6. Issues management
  7. Brand communication
  8. Influencer relationship management


Does your company need a new website or a stronger Internet profile? We can help you create online PR concept and draft the copy for your messages. Since a simple website is often not sufficient these days, we also develop a dedicated newsletter for your company, or corporate blogs. By placing your news and stories on the relevant websites and portals, we can give your company a strong presence on the Internet.

You can count on ...

  1. Websites – concept design + copy
  2. Newsletter – concept design + copy
  3. PR platforms – selection + support
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Corporate blogs

Social Media

Social media have not replaced the printed word. However, social networks have carved out an important role even in corporate communications. Nevertheless, many businesses still hesitate to use these tools due to concerns over loss of control or doubts regarding their usefulness.

An integrated social media strategy supports and complements your conventional PR activities on Twitter and other similar platforms. It offers unique opportunities for you to engage directly with your target audience, to address issues and to leverage clients and employees as multipliers. We can help you choose the optimum platforms and can even manage the content if you wish. Equipped with the right monitoring tools, you can always keep track of what's going on.

You can count on ...

  1. Integrated social media strategy
  2. Platforms – selection + support
  3. Community management
  4. Content management – generation + placement
  5. Social media guidelines

Corporate Publishing

This is your space where you can present your brand, your innovations, your projects, and topics. Corporate publishing is your business card for the outside world: it supports sales and strengthens customer ties. It can also be used for internal communications and building employee loyalty. Be it hard copy, on-line or video content – we handle all concept design and editorial tasks.

You can count on ...

  1. Consulting + concept design
  2. Branding, positioning
  3. Editing + copy
  4. Customer and staff magazines
  5. Brochures, magazines, leaflets
  6. Rich media – audio + video – storyboard


Even in the age of Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp, personal contacts remain all-important in business - because people retain what they see and experience with their own eyes. This does not always have to take place at dedicated press conferences. There is so many more ideal settings in which to meet representatives from the media, i.e. trade fair participation! We make sure that you get in touch with the right contacts, and that they receive the right information. Have you ever considered editorial visits, individual executive meetings, or open house days?

You can count on ...

  1. Trade fair PR
  2. Press conferences
  3. Meetings with / visits by editorial staff
  4. Round table / panel discussions
  5. Roadshows
  6. Executive meetings
  7. Open house days

Documentation + evaluation

What is your ROI? This calls for in-depth analysis of PR measures where you decide the scope. While simple reporting or surveying of PR measures is often sufficient, other cases call for detailed success monitoring of PR activities, or detailed analysis of the communication budget invested and the results achieved. We can provide you with documentation ranging from simple reports all the way to detailed analysis - from print magazines through to on-line and social media. We do this throughout Germany and further afield.

You can count on ...

  1. Monitoring
  2. Reports + analyses
  3. Documentation

About us

Mutual trust is everything – which is why we maintain open, honest and cooperative partnerships. We look at things from the client's perspective. This allows us to speak credibly and competently on our clients’ behalf and to provide the best possible support. We also relish the challenge of developing integrated communication concepts and drive issues forward.


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