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Tipps how an investment in the participation at an exhibition can pay back

Let's strike a conversation!

Successful conversations at exhibitions are key for a RoI

Every year involves yet another cost-benefit analysis regarding the trade fairs that companies must, should or really want to attend. After all, trade fair stands don't come cheap, the number of generated leads is sometimes insufficient and the whole process can be stressful for staff members. A well-prepared communications strategy for the team at the trade fair is the key to success.

“That’s great, the trade fair is soon” - says one person; “oh no, not again” - say the others... However, a trade fair participation provides everything and, above all, exploitable potential. At the end of the day, it represents a big investment – from design to documentation and all the way to staffing. There are also the invisible costs – preparation, travel costs, follow-up work – all of which must be accomplished on top of the day-to-day workload. Thus, the participation must pay off, not just in publicity terms, but also as regards return-on-investment. So the theory goes...

Silence at the stand versus hyperactive communication

We have all seen it: A vast stand, easily visible, with an interesting design ... and virtually no visitors in sight. Instead, staff members stand around with their hands in their pockets, with their backs to the public, or sitting at a table busying themselves with hand-held devices or the like. They avoid eye contact with visitors at all costs – for fear they might have to start a conversation with them.

Then there is the opposite extreme where overzealous employees wearing permanent grins all but drag passers-by into the stand, when a simple enquiry turns into an interminable monologue, and when ...


Trade fair training

Of course there is a perfect balance between the two extremes mentioned above. We are happy to host brainstorming sessions with our clients before trade fairs to help them provide authentic, open communication.

We discuss questions such as:

  • Who are the suitable employees who enjoy communicating?
  • Who has a strong feel for social interaction?
  • Can the professional appearance of the stand personnel be fine-tuned?
  • Do all those present have a clear understanding of the company’s core messages?
  • Are all of them familiar with the brochures and other communication tools used at the stand?


One cause for a lack of motivation to talk to visitors is a feeling of uncertainty about saying something wrong, or of being perceived as insufficiently qualified. This means that all those present must become experts beforehand.

And then, of course, you must galvanise the group. Only those who have identified with the issue at hand will have the ambition to bring home promising leads.

With a well thought out communications concept, trade fair leads can be more than just a pile of (sometimes worthless) paper, but valuable documents to help attract new business.

If you found the information in this document helpful, give us a call (+49 8122 55917-0) or write us an e-mail (pr@lorenzoni.de). We look forward to your feedback!


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