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CoreAVI Expands Business in Europe

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Functional Safety Software Solutions Provider Focuses on Automotive and IIoT

Industrial Environment
CoreAVI is targeting the Automotive and IIoT Markets in Europe.

The US-based company CoreAVI, developer of functionally safe software stacks for embedded applications, has announced it is expanding its business in Europe, targeting especially the Industrial IoT, Automotive and Transportation Industries.

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2005, CoreAVI moved their headquarters three years later to Tampa, Florida, USA. Since then, they have been expanding their business and product portfolio and have become specialists in functionally safe graphics and compute software initially used in the aerospace and defense industries. With the growing need for safety critical solutions in the automotive and IoT industries, CoreAVI is now heightening its focus on European markets to provide their experience there.

In the course of expansion, the company is looking for new partners who suit their industries and story. CoreAVI already partners throughout the supply chain with IP, silicon, and software industry leaders like Arm, Intel, and NXP to provide ISO 26262, DO-254/DO-178C and IEC 61508 certifiable graphics and compute solutions for complex systems being developed for all aircraft, vehicle, and industrial categories including autonomous systems.

With these joint solutions, CoreAVI’s primary goal is to provide their customers with the benefits to help them

  • de-risk their application by offering pre-integrated solutions
  • lower their cost
  • accelerate time to market.

CoreAVI is currently working with some European distributers throughout several countries and is looking for new European employees.

“CoreAVI has valued our European customers and partnerships for years,” said Neil Stroud, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at CoreAVI. ”This region is key to driving global technology innovation and we’re excited to expand into the thriving automotive and industrial IoT markets, lending our vast aerospace expertise to meet their growing needs for modern safety critical systems. Our biggest challenge will be addressing the explosive growth rate of functional safety across multiple market segments.” 

Expansion Goals

CoreAVI’s short-term goals include focusing on the safety critical automotive industry. In the longer term, CoreAVI is looking to delve deeper into building industrial robotics safety systems and to further their activity within the transportation and automation sectors.

The company has joined The Autonomous this year, a global community based in Austria shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility, and will be attending the Autonomous Main Event at the end of September. Furthermore, CoreAVI is participating at Embedded World 2022 in Germany, exhibiting at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2022 in Spain, and targeting some European automotive events in the upcoming year.

Über CoreAVI


CoreAVI is the global leader in architecting and delivering safety critical graphics and compute software drivers and libraries, embedded ‘system on chip’ and discrete graphics processor components, and certifiable platform hardware IP. CoreAVI’s comprehensive software suite enables development and deployment of complete safety critical solutions for automotive, industrial and aerospace applications requiring certification to the highest integrity levels coupled with full lifecycle support. CoreAVI’s solutions support both graphics and compute applications including safe autonomy, machine vision and AI in the automotive, unmanned vehicle and industrial IoT markets, as well as commercial and military avionics systems. 



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