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Rutronik Opens Location in Singapore

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Expansion Strategy in Asia

Els Seah, General Manager Southeast Asia at Rutronik
Els Seah, General Manager Southeast Asia at Rutronik

Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH is continuing its expansion into Asia. The broadline distributor recently opened a warehouse and sales offices in the Southeast Asian country of Singapore. The new location will combine the standardized global quality of Rutronik’s services with greater proximity to manufacturers and customers in the ASEAN region.

The new, approximately 650-square-meter warehouse is located in the same building as the sales office. The facility’s logistics management system and level of performance are in line with German standards. By founding Rutronik Singapore, the company aims to optimize product availability and distribution for Asian customers. This means better logistics support for the local customer base, since the company will be able to shorten lead times thanks to strong support from local suppliers.

The location will be able to operate more independently of the headquarters in Germany in order to facilitate rapid and cost-effective business processes in the ASEAN group of countries, which includes Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India. A total of 22 employees work for Rutronik Singapore, seven of whom are based in Thailand, two in India, and one directly in Malaysia. They are backed by the marketing and logistics team in Singapore.

Significant Growth Potential in the ASEAN Region

“Growth rates in Asia are highly dynamic, which is why the market there is extremely important to us. We have responded to this by founding Rutronik Singapore. We want to offer our local partners even more efficient, direct support and thus participate in the region’s growth. Our long-term strategic planning is also focused on India. With over 1.3 billion citizens, the country is the second most populous in the world after China, meaning it has tremendous economic potential. We are keeping a close eye on developments there so that we can react accordingly,” says Els Seah, General Manager Southeast Asia at Rutronik.

Über Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH

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Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH is the third largest distributor in Europe (European Distribution Report 2017) and the number eleven worldwide (SourceToday, May 2018). The broadline distributor supplies semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components as well as boards, storage, displays & wireless products. The company‘s primary target markets are the automotive, medical, industrial, home appliance, energy and lighting industries.
The ranges RUTRONIK EMBEDDED, RUTRONIK SMART, RUTRONIK POWER and RUTRONIK AUTOMOTIVE provide customers with specific products and services in groups tailored to the respective applications. Expert technical support for product development and design-in, individual logistics and supply chain management solutions as well as comprehensive services complete its scope of performance.

The company, founded by Helmut Rudel in 1973 in Ispringen, Germany, now has over 70 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Rutronik employs more than 1,700 staff worldwide and achieved Group sales of 1,05 billion euros in the fiscal year 2018.


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