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POLYRACK serves Future Market of Aerospace

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Case and system solution specialist founds POLYRACK Aerospace GmbH

With the foundation of POLYRACK Aerospace GmbH, the POLYRACK TECH-GROUP has a new, independent subsidiary:

  • Where? At its headquarters in Straubenhardt, Germany
  • When? In the second half of 2020
  • Why? The case and system solution specialist intends to serve the aerospace industry supplier market with customer-specific products in the future.

Under the direction of the managing directors Andreas Rapp and Patrick Mees, POLYRACK Aerospace GmbH will focus on the realisation of customer-specific solutions for this market.

These include electromechanical components made of metal and plastic, including

  • individual rugged system platforms in various housing designs with IP65+ protection and optimised heat dissipation according to military standards
  • Air Transportation Racks (ATR)
  • rugged backplanes according to MIL standards for CPCI, VMW/VME64x and OpenVPX for extreme requirements
  • mechanical components
  • development and integration of I/O boards according to customer specifications.

"Our principle in the further orientation of the POLYRACK group of companies is to further develop our target markets in the long term and to build up new customers", explains Managing Director Andreas Rapp.


About the Aerospace market

Despite the current situation regarding COVID19, in which individual companies in the industry are suffering a drop in sales, POLYRACK sees aerospace as a future market. However, this also involves very high demands in terms of quality and possible risks. Therefore, the company decided the foundation of an aerospace themed subsidiary several years ago, in order to be able to prove to its customers the quality management requirements of aviation according to DIN EN 9100 with an official certificate.

The DIN EN 9100 standard is fully compliant with the widely used ISO 9001 standard and contains further requirements regarding safety, quality and reliability in the aerospace sector. POLYRACK is aiming for this certificate in the beginning of 2021.



The POLYRACK TECH-GROUP develops and manufactures high quality standard cases and customer-specific enclosure solutions. Thanks to a broad range of technologies in the mechanical manufacturing, systems engineering / electronics, plastics and surface finishing, POLYRACK offers electronic packaging for every need. The service offering extends from consulting in the conception phase, development, manufacturing and assembly right through to logistic solutions and sourcing services.

POLYRACK Electronic-Aufbausysteme GmbH (Electronic Packaging and Systems Technology), RAPP Kunststofftechnik GmbH (Plastics Technology), RAPP Oberflächenbearbeitung GmbH (Surface Treatment) and subsidiaries in Switzerland, Belgium, America and China. The owner-managed company has approx. 450 employees worldwide and achieved a turnover of 76 million euros in the group in fiscal year 2019.   


Über uns

Gegenseitiges Vertrauen als Basis – wir pflegen eine offene, ehrliche und partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden. Wir betrachten Dinge mit der Kundenbrille. So können wir glaubhaft und kompetent für unsere Kunden sprechen und sie ideal unterstützen. Dazu kommt: Wir lieben es, integrierte Kommunikationskonzepte zu entwickeln und Themen voranzubringen.


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